RedNoteBook 1.1.6

A stylish, easy journal for all your notes


  • Neatly organized interface
  • Browse notes by category or via a calendar
  • Automatic saving
  • Backup your notes
  • Export your notes to other formats


  • Lacks advanced features


RedNoteBook recreates the concept of the traditional journal, presenting you with an original application with which you can conveniently store your notes.

With RedNoteBook, you’ll find everything you need to keep your life more organized. The program supports text formatting and image insertion, recognizes web links and email addresses, saves notes automatically and lets you backup notes to a ZIP archive or export them to other formats – such as PDF, HTML or TXT.

You can easily browse the notes you create in RedNoteBook with the built-in calendar, or use the program’s tag cloud. As the program stores data in text files, there’s no need for a database.

RedNoteBook has a clean, simple interface design that makes this little app a pleasure to use. A few more extra features – like password protection - and it would be perfect!

RedNoteBook lets you write notes in a stylish journal and keep them perfectly organized.



RedNoteBook 1.1.6

User reviews about RedNoteBook

  • by Anonymous

    Good job! Please keep working on this app. So useful!.
    Great app. Need some features though... You cannot switch...   More